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The mission statement of The Cooler Company LLC in Northern Nevada is to create clarity in the choices businesses have when making a decision on the water filtration needs of the business.

The Cooler Company started in Northern Nevada because the newest technologies for business, office, and ware houses hadn’t made its way over to our beautiful area.

These are the types of water coolers we replace with our filtration system known as “dry filtration.”

(1) The bottled water cooler. The bottles provided to the businesses are generally good quality. However, it is the reservoir that the bottle sets on that is the problem. The reservoir is designed to hold approximately three gallons from the bottle that is used for your hot and cold needs. The water that sits in the reservoir, in a stagnant form, and the reservoir itself, virtually never being cleaned or sanitized, a 43-minute process, is the problem. The bottle filled with five gallons has had all of the chlorine stripped from it. That means the stagnant water in the reservoir develops bacteria and the bottled water association recommends sanitizing the reservoirs every six weeks. Think of a pool that has not had chlorine added for a couple of weeks. Un-checked, the bacteria grows swiftly. The taste of the bacteria is masked by the chill and the heat from the spigots. Speaking of spigots, this a major source of water borne illness in the businesses. One sick employees cup touching the spigot is called “cross contamination.” Virtually no business mandates the person lifting and inserting the bottle use gloves. The neck of the bottle goes right into the water. And how about the weight of those jugs, not to mention the storage space. Each jug weighs approximately 42 Lb.’s. Lifting the wrong way caused over 6 million dollars’ worth of worker’s compensation claims in the US last year. That’s risky for the business owner.

(2) Reverse osmosis. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a compilation of four filters hooked in series usually under a sink, to filter the water from our municipal water reservoir. Upon exiting the four filters the water is directed to a container to store the filtered water where the water is then directed to a bucket at the top of your bottled water cooler for your hot and cold water needs. The water from the filters is fine. The problem is the bucket that stores the water for your hot and cold needs virtually or never gets sanitized and like the bottled water cooler bacteria grows quickly. It takes approximately three to five gallons of our precious water resources to make one gallon that sits in a bucket stagnating. That’s wasteful and requires a lot of electricity to operate that type of system.

The long and the short of it is that any water cooler system that is designed with a reservoir to store water for the hot and cold needs of the employee is 20-year-old technology. Europe has banned most systems of this type.

Please refer to our home and filtration page to see what we provide to insure your employees are not only getting the cleanest water to drink but the best tasting. Fresh clean and good tasting water causes employees to drink more water and can significantly improve work performance and better health.

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